The First Post

I have been putting off doing a blog for a few years now, and although I’m not too sure still anyone will read this, I think that perhaps creating a blog will be a way to record and see how my work, business, and life changes and develops. I’ve heard it said many times that the best way to move forward is to know where you’ve come from. You don’t dwell on the past, but to have an understanding of how it’s shaped you and to show you the reasons you’ve made certain decisions which have lead to the now, can be insightful and help you decide the right direction to take for the future.

With that in mind, my first post in this blog is a look back to last year, a 2012 round-up if you will. Yes I know it’s February… but in my mind the new year doesn’t actually start until January ends anyway, so technically I’m not that late.

2012 saw a lot of new and exciting possibilities opening up to me. The biggest being setting up a studio on Fore Street, Exeter. A pretty little shop with stained glass windows, wooden floors, and a cute little dressing room out the back. I’ve been here since May last year and it has been lovely to “arrive” at work and “leave” at the end of the day. Of course when you have your own business it’s always at the front of your mind and you are constantly thinking through ideas wherever you are, but I had a work place, and a home place, which felt just right in terms of balancing my life.


2012 also saw me do a lot more couples and engagement shoots. I love doing these and it’s wonderful just to be able to spend time with a couple, see how they interact, and capture their affections.

 2013-02-21_0001  2013-02-21_0004 2013-02-21_0005 2013-02-21_00062013-02-21_0015 2013-02-21_0016 2013-02-21_0014 2013-02-21_00132013-02-21_0018 2013-02-21_0017 2013-02-21_0020  2013-02-21_0023  2013-02-21_0032 2013-02-21_0031 2013-02-21_0025 2013-02-21_0026 2013-02-21_0027 2013-02-21_0007 2013-02-21_0011 2013-02-21_0008 2013-02-21_00102013-02-21_0012

I got to work with a lot of lovely couples. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to go to some beautiful locations, and even had a couple weddings in London. I realise how lucky I am with the clients I get; it has felt like meeting new friends. And I get to photograph my favourite thing, seeing people in love, and tell each couples story.

I realised at the start of this year, looking back through all my work, that that is my “why”, why I do this job, why I love this job, why I put so much passion into my work… I love telling stories. And, as images often say so much more then words, I tell my stories, my couples stories of their wedding day, with beautiful images. Words are used to descried what we feel, but a feeling is so much more complicated then it’s described word. An image can show an emotion that is indescribable…love

2013-02-11_0005 2013-02-11_0007 2013-02-11_0008  2013-02-11_0012 2013-02-11_0011 2013-02-11_0014 2013-02-11_0013 2013-02-11_00152013-02-11_0002 2013-02-11_0003 2013-02-11_0004 2013-02-11_0017 2013-02-11_0018 2013-02-11_0020 2013-02-11_0021 2013-02-11_0022 2013-02-11_0023 2013-02-11_0024 2013-02-11_0025 2013-02-11_0026 2013-02-11_0029 2013-02-11_0028 2013-02-11_0030 2013-02-11_0032 2013-02-11_0033 2013-02-11_0036 2013-02-11_0035 2013-02-19_0001 2013-02-19_0004 2013-02-19_0003 2013-02-19_0005 2013-02-19_0006 2013-02-19_0007 2013-02-19_0008 2013-02-19_0009  2013-02-19_0011 2013-02-19_0012 2013-02-19_0013 2013-02-19_0018 2013-02-19_0017 2013-02-19_0019 2013-02-19_0020 2013-02-19_0016 2013-02-19_0022 2013-02-19_0023 2013-02-19_0024 2013-02-19_0026 2013-02-19_0029 2013-02-19_0031 2013-02-19_0032 2013-02-19_0033 2013-02-19_0036 2013-02-19_0037 2013-02-19_0040 2013-02-19_0043 2013-02-19_0044 2013-02-19_0045 2013-02-19_0046 2013-02-19_0048 2013-02-19_0050 2013-02-19_0051 2013-02-19_0052 2013-02-19_0053 2013-02-19_0054

2013-02-19_0058 2013-02-19_0057 2013-02-19_0060

2013-02-19_0064 2013-02-19_0062 2013-02-19_0065 2013-02-19_0067 2013-02-19_0068 2013-02-19_0069 2013-02-19_0070 2013-02-20_0002 2013-02-20_0003 2013-02-20_0004 2013-02-20_0005 2013-02-20_0006 2013-02-20_0008 2013-02-20_0010 2013-02-20_0011 2013-02-20_0013 2013-02-20_0014 2013-02-20_0015 2013-02-20_0016 2013-02-20_0018

2013-02-20_0017 2013-02-20_0019 2013-02-20_0021 2013-02-20_0023 2013-02-20_0024 2013-02-20_0028 2013-02-20_0029 2013-02-20_0031 2013-02-20_0032 2013-02-20_0033 2013-02-20_0036 2013-02-20_0038 2013-02-20_0040 2013-02-20_0041  2013-02-20_0044 2013-02-20_0046 2013-02-20_0048

2013-02-20_0051 2013-02-20_0050 2013-02-20_0052 2013-02-20_0053 2013-02-20_0054 2013-02-20_0055

I think I shall leave it there for this blog post. I’ve realised there is a lot to share from last year. And I still may do so, but I also want to concentrate on the present and what is happening now. To make plans for 2013 and embrace all the new opportunities and challenges that come my way.

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