Winter Walk Around Starcross- an engagement session

You can just tell that Sarah and James are perfect for each other. The way the interact and how comfortable they are around each other works in harmony with all the joking between them. This was my first proper engagement shoot for the start of 2013 and I loved that it was with these two and was so full of laughs.

For their engagement photo shoot, Sarah had mentioned that they had just moved to nearby Starcross, so would like some photos around that area. We had a wonderful walk across Devon countryside, and then along the beach and to Starcross. Even though the tide was out we found some great places to take pictures and have a little adventure along the way with a lot of laughter.


2013-04-05_0002 2013-04-05_0001 2013-04-05_0003 2013-04-05_0004 2013-04-05_0005 2013-04-05_0006 2013-04-05_0007 2013-04-05_0008  2013-04-05_0009 2013-04-05_0014 2013-04-05_00102013-04-05_0011 2013-04-05_0012 2013-04-05_0013

thanks for letting me share these images Sarah and James, and I look forward to photographing you two crazy lovebirds again in September at your wedding! x


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