Stealing a few moments away – Laura and Alex on Budleigh Beach

Everyone will tell you it, and after your wedding day you’ll know it to be true, your wedding day goes by so fast. Spending time and saying hello to everyone at your wedding can feel like a task in itself, but don’t forget to actually spend time with the person you have just married! It may seem like a silly thing to set aside time for as surly you’ll be together for most the day anyway, but you’d be surprised. And to just take a few minutes out together, away from it all, and just let sink in “hey, I just married my best friend!”, can make for some of the best memories of the day.

Being a romantic, my favourite part of the day is almost always going off to do the couple shoot. And sometimes it involves jumping in a  car and going to a different location altogether! Laura and Alex got married at Courtlands House, in Exmouth, Devon, and after a few group pictures, we all piled into a beautiful vintage car and took off for a walk along Budleigh Beach. Alex proposed to Laura on Budleigh beach so they really wanted to make it part of their wedding day. I go to take some intimate images of them just spending a bit of time together, away from it all, stealing a moment away on their wedding day….


2013-09-04_0001 2013-09-04_0002 2013-09-04_0004 2013-09-04_00052013-09-04_0008 2013-09-04_00072013-09-04_0009 2013-09-04_00112013-09-04_0010 2013-09-04_0012



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