A Sunny Spring Time Wedding With a Very Cool Vintage Car

Robyn and Jay got married on very sunny May day this year at Pinhoe Church in Exeter, Devon. It was an absolute pleasure to be their wedding photographer and getting to capture all the little moments that made up a beautiful wedding day.

2013-10-21_0002 2013-10-21_0003 2013-10-21_0004

Robyn’s dad had been working tirelessly on restoring his Morris Minor in time for the wedding and driving his daughter to the church in it. He was very proud of both of them I think, so naturally it had to be featured in a lot of the photos too!

2013-10-21_0005 2013-10-21_0006 2013-10-21_0007 2013-10-21_0008 2013-10-21_0009 2013-10-21_0010 2013-10-21_0012 2013-10-21_0011 2013-10-21_0014 2013-10-21_0013  2013-10-21_0016 2013-10-21_0017 2013-10-21_0018 2013-10-21_0019 2013-10-21_0020 2013-10-21_0021 2013-10-21_0022

After the church ceremony, the couple went on to Buckrell Lodge in Exeter for their reception. I got to capture a few more lovely portraits of the two of them and then it was all about just relaxing and chatting with friends and family, and very laid back feel perfect for the weather and the couple.2013-10-21_0023 2013-10-21_0024 2013-10-21_0025 2013-10-21_0026 2013-10-21_0027 2013-10-21_0028 2013-10-21_0029

thanks for letting me be part of your wedding day Robyn and Jay and I wish you all the best for a very happy future with lots of fun 🙂2013-10-21_0030

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