Sharp Styling, a wedding at Sharpham House Totnes – Olivia and Scott

The couple, the location and views, the weather, the decorations, everything was just effortlessly stylish and perfect for this wedding. Olivia and Scott got married in Dartmouth and had their reception back at Sharpham House near Totnes, Devon. With ideas for the feeling and style based on Olivia’s Italian heritage and Scott’s favourite movie, the Godfather, this wedding was a sharp but casual affair. Photographing this wedding was made easy with the beautiful surrounding landscape and pretty decorative touches all about as well as Olivia and Scott being so laid back and happy to go with the flow. And it was made even more enjoyable with the help of Alexandra Tyndale second shooting for me (thanks Ali xx)2013-12-07_0001 2013-12-07_0002 2013-12-07_0003 2013-12-07_0004 2013-12-07_0006 2013-12-07_0005 2013-12-07_0007 2013-12-07_0008 2013-12-07_0009 2013-12-07_0010 2013-12-07_0011 2013-12-07_0012 2013-12-07_0013 2013-12-07_0014 2013-12-07_0015 2013-12-07_0016 2013-12-07_0029 2013-12-07_0018 2013-12-07_0017 2013-12-07_0021 2013-12-07_0022 2013-12-07_0023 2013-12-07_0024 2013-12-07_0025 2013-12-07_0026 2013-12-07_0027 2013-12-07_0020 2013-12-07_0030 2013-12-07_0028 2013-12-07_0031 2013-12-07_0032 2013-12-07_0033 2013-12-07_0034 2013-12-07_0035

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