Budleigh Beach Engagement Shoot

Gemma and James – engagement shoot on Budleigh beach


Gemma said she was nervous in front of cameras. So we started off by playing a little word game. And after a few rounds of describing the other person, there was lots of smiling! And I got to capture her and James on this beautiful winter evening on Budleigh beach in Devon. The light and location was perfect, and so are this couple – I can’t wait to photograph your wedding in May Gemma and James!

2014-01-08_0003 2014-01-08_0001 2014-01-08_00022014-01-08_00072014-01-08_0005 2014-01-08_0009 2014-01-08_0010 2014-01-08_0011 2014-01-08_0014 2014-01-08_0013 2014-01-08_00152014-01-08_0030 2014-01-08_00042014-01-08_00202014-01-08_0021 2014-01-08_0022 2014-01-08_0017 2014-01-08_0024 2014-01-08_0016 2014-01-08_00182014-01-08_0019 2014-01-08_0027 2014-01-08_0023 2014-01-08_0028 2014-01-08_0029 2014-01-08_0025 2014-01-08_0026 2014-01-08_0012

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