2016 reflection

2016 was the year I became a mum. And so that’s what I spent most of the year doing… learning to be a mum. And learning to be three; to be me, and my husband, and Mabel (and Smudge the cat to make four!)

We started the year off moving home. I did a few photography jobs but was slowing down, actually literally, as I grew more and more round.


Mabel was born in April, which was the most perfect time of year. We got to spend loads of time outside; having picnics, sitting under trees in parks, lying under a tipi in the garden, and going on walks. Mostly going on walks…

2017-02-15_0032lots and lots of walks..2017-02-15_0036


But I did have a couple of weddings which were both for the most lovely of couples, in beautiful Devon locations. Although packing for a wedding now required a whole new layer of thought (mainly loads of snacks!).2017-02-15_0020

Both weddings were absolutely stunning. My first wedding was with Jacalyn and Sam. Jacalyn is a florist and the floral displays were nothing short of breath taking. There will be a full blog post soon of this one, so keep watching this space. 2017-02-15_0028

Jessica and Michael’s wedding was held at Powderham Castle in early autumn.  Such a picturesque Devon venue; it was perfect for the wedding they had planned.2017-02-15_0029

Along with keeping up the wedding photography, I also took a few other portrait jobs. It was nice to get out and back to doing what I love.2017-02-15_00222017-02-15_00232017-02-15_00242017-02-15_00272017-02-15_00262017-02-15_0025

But the main focus of 2016, was definitely this little one and watching her grow, explore, and bring love and adventure into our lives.

2017-02-15_00332017-02-15_0031And I look forward to many more adventures with our little family in 2017!

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